OZZI Program

Save the planet with the OZZI reusable container program at Winslow Dining Hall!

The OZZI reusable container program was implemented by Racer Dining to provide students, faculty and staff on the go with a sustainable dining take-out option on campus. Anyone enrolled in the program may swipe into the dining hall, exchange their OZZI token to the cashier, receive a clean OZZI container, fill it up with food from Winslow and enjoy it anywhere on campus. 

Once a guest has eaten their meal, they may return their containers to the OZZI machines located in the entrance of Winslow Dining Hall. A new token will drop down after the return that can be exchanged for a new, clean container the next time they would like to take-out a meal. The machines are emptied regularly and the containers are professionally cleaned and sanitized by Racer Dining staff members. 

OZZI containers are eco-friendly and can replace the use of 300 Styrofoam containers! 

Additional information about the OZZI program can be found below.

At the beginning of the academic year, all students who participate in a meal plan receive 1 token that can be redeemed for a reusable container in Winslow Dining Hall. If a student who does not participate in a meal plan, or a faculty or staff member would like to participate in the program, a token can be purchased at the register for $5.00.

When you would like to take out food from the dining hall, you exchange your token with the cashier. They will hand you a clean OZZI container that the guest can fill up with food from Winslow Dining Hall. 

When the guest is finished eating, they return the container to the OZZI machines located at the entrance of Winslow Dining Hall and receive a new token that can be exchanged for a new, clean container. 

The three compartment containers are  9"x9"x2.5".
At Winslow Dining Hall. Guests with an OZZI token may exchange their token for a clean container as they swipe their meal card into the dining hall.

OZZI containers are required in order to take a meal to-go out of Winslow Dining Hall. No other take- out container will be allowed. 

The OZZI return machine is located at the entrance of Winslow Dining Hall. The OZZI machine is monitored online and alerts the dining office of any issues to avoid outages and technical errors.
Racer Dining staff remove dirty containers from the OZZI machine throughout the day so that they can be cleaned and sanitized in a commercial dishwasher.
No. Due to health and safety concerns, only containers that have been properly cleaned and sanitized by Racer Dining staff can be used in food services areas.
No. Containers must be returned to machines. Staff at campus dining locations will not accept used, unwashed containers.
If you lose your token or would like additional tokens, you may purchase a new one from Racer Dining for $5 at the Winslow Dining Hall register.
If you lose your containers, you may purchase a new container from Racer Dining for $5
No. Tokens are only valid in exchange for containers.