Plan Options

For students living on campus at Murray State, meal plans are everything. With a variety of plans based on your academic classification or residential location, meal plans ensure you never miss a meal. 

Select your plan: First check out the meal plan options offered by Murray State University. Then, once you're ready, the selection form for meal plans is located under the "money" tab on your myGate. After selecting a meal plan option, upperclassmen and commuters have the option to make changes to their plans through the "money" tab on myGate within the first 30 days of the semester.

Pay for your plan: After making your meal plan selection, the cost of that plan is added to your tuition bill, which means scholarships and financial aid may be applied toward covering this cost.

Flex dollars remaining at the end of the fall 2020 semester will roll to the spring 2021 semester providing another meal/flex plan is in place at the start of the spring 2021 semester and stays active for the term of the semester. Unused flex dollars will not roll at the end of the spring 2021 semester.

Meal plan requirements: 
Freshman: All-Access, All-Access Premium
Sophomore: All-Access, All-Access Premium, 175/400 or 8 Meals Per Week
Junior: May purchase any plan. No requirement.
Senior: May purchase any plan. No requirement.
Commuter (any academic status): May purchase any plan. No requirement.

If you need any help selecting a meal plan or would like to discuss your options, please call the Racer Dining office at (270) 809-4600 or email If you have specific questions about your account, or would like to add a meal plan or Flex to your account, please call the RacerCard office at (270) 809-3003 or email 

For more information on the details of each meal plan, please read our Meal Plan Terms and Conditions.

All Access - $1987
With an All Access meal plan, you'll have unlimited access to Winslow Dining Hall for the entire semester -- meaning you can eat as many times per day as you wish.
Includes eight guest meals at Winslow and $75 Flex to spend at any Racer Dining venue. Also includes one meal exchange per day, 5 per week max between 3 and 8 p.m. at Tres Habaneros. Available to all students. Minimum requirement for on-campus freshmen.

All Access Premium - $2097
The All Access Premium meal plan gives you more flexibility in choosing where to eat.
Includes unlimited access to Winslow Dining Hall, eight guest meals at Winslow, and $75 Flex to spend at any Racer Dining venue. Also includes one meal exchange per day, 5 per week max from 1 p.m. to closing at Chick-fil-A, Steak 'n Shake, Subconnection, Tres Habaneros, Einstein Bros Bagels, and Starbucks. Available to all students. Upgraded requirement for on-campus freshmen.

175 Block - $1959
Upperclassmen and commuters can have the best of both worlds with an allotted number of meals in Winslow Dining Hall and Flex dollars to spend elsewhere on campus.
175 meals a semester and $400 flex dollars. Take out options available.

8 Meals Per Week - $1846
Upperclassmen and commuters have the option to choose 8 meals per week in Winslow in addition to $550 Flex. Take out options available.

Commuters may choose to purchase any of the plans listed above, or they can choose a Flex-Only plan.

Flex-Only Plans
Flex-only plans are available for juniors, seniors, and commuters. When you purchase a meal plan, Flex Dollars are applied to your RacerCard, which you may then use like a debit card at all Dining Service venues. You receive an automatic 6% discount, as food purchased with Flex dollars is not subject to Kentucky sales tax. You may purchase additional Flex dollars in $25 increments on myGate on the "money" tab.

    Bronze ($385 Flex) - $385
    Silver ($550 Flex) - $550 
    Copper ($1000 Flex) - $950
    Platinum ($1200 Flex) - $1100